Digital disruption continues in the property market

Digital disruption to the property industry continues, with the latest disruptor coming from portfolio management firm Lendlord.

Their latest tool, dubbed the ‘Property Deal Analyser’, allows landlords and property investors to evaluate the performance of potential acquisitions in both the short and long term.

Lendlord’s CEO said that a thorough analysis of deals is more important than ever, as the coronavirus has impacted the property market. And that a digital-first approach will allow landlords to mitigate these risks.

The Property Deal Analyser tool will allow investors to evaluate a variety of metrics, including net annual cash flow, ROI, cap rate, debt coverage, and more.

It also includes Lendlord’s ‘Mortgage Engine’ to help investors understand what types of finance products are available to help fund their newest acquisition.

Rather than visiting in person and relying on intuition, tools like this allows investors to make their property purchasing decisions using data analysis.

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