Introducing Lion Private Equity

Company History

In early 2018, Garry Pesochinsky, John Sader, and Michael Peroumal became equal owners of Investments Squared Pty Ltd. Shortly after, Lion Property Group was incorporated and designated as the Project Manager for the assets owned by Investments Squared. In mid-2019, Investments Squared was renamed to Lion Private Equity Pty Ltd to facilitate its new role as the Promoter of the Lion Private Equity Trust. The transition from Investments Squared brought with it a foundation of 130 active investors, close to $30 million in managed funds, and 13 active projects with a gross realisation value of $130 million. By the end of the first year operating as these new brands, those figures had grown to over 200 active investors, $38 million in managed funds, two completed projects, and sixteen active projects with a gross realisation value of $157 million. Over $1.1 million in returns was paid out to investors in that first year. Lion Private Equity and the LPE Trust Fund represent the future of our business. It is the natural evolution of the model that made Investments Squared and Lion Property Group so successful. LPE will benefit from the experience, knowledge, and insight that management and the team have gained through years of experience and operating these related businesses. Most importantly, this past experience is a springboard that will be used to excel Lion Private Equity, and our investors, to new heights.
The Lion team with Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, co-founder of the School of Thinking.

Our Team

Square- Michael Peroumal- Director Lion Property Group

Michael Peroumal

Founding Partner & Director

With over 25 years in the Sales industry, Michael has overseen more than $500 million of client investment capital across four continents. Prior to establishing Lion with his business partners Garry Pesochinsky and John Sader, Michael was the Vice President of Sales at an Australian investment firm, where his team of 30+ consultants managed a portfolio of more than $100 million.

During his career, Michael has managed, trained, coached, and mentored Sales teams in a wide variety of industries including real estate sales, real estate development, real estate investing, and private equity. This experience grants Michael rare, holistic insight into the inner workings of real estate markets from conception to completion.

Within LPE, Michael’s primary responsibility is to engage with domestic and international ultra high net worth (UHNW) investors and assist with their investment into the LPE Fund. Michael’s extensive investment experience with UHNW individuals across South-East Asia allows him to work with these specialist clientele to identify their unique financial objectives and requirements and determine how the LPE Fund can best work to achieve their desired outcomes.
Square- Garry Pesochinsky- Director Lion Property Group

Garry Pesochinsky

Founding Partner & Director

Garry has overseen more than twenty investment projects, completed multiple private equity deals, and has personally managed over $50 million in investor capital. With over a decade of experience in the financial services sector, as the co-founder and owner of an investment firm, Garry’s former business grew to service over 3,000 clients across three capital cities.

Whilst the firm provided financial services including financial planning, mortgage broking, private lending, and real estate sales, it was the property development arm that would ultimately evolve to be Garry’s driving passion and main focus.

With key skills in the fields of project management, site acquisition, capital raising, and finance, Garry’s insight and experience in these areas lay the foundation for what would become the Lion group of companies.

Garry’s expertise in real estate allows him to source high-performing projects which will act as borrowers of the Fund’s capital, and to vet loan applications that the Fund receives from third-party borrowers. Borrowers and projects that can reliably repay their loans are the cornerstone of the LPE Fund, and it’s Garry’s responsibility to find them.
Square- John Sader - Director Lion Property Group

John Sader

Founding Partner & Director

With over 15 years of experience managing high performance teams, John brings to Lion the kind of valuable insight that only an experienced senior leader can. Having worked in both the private and public sector as a consultant, focusing on real estate and the financial services industry, it was John’s role as the Executive Vice President of an investment firm which laid the foundation for what would become the Lion group of companies.

Whilst the firm specialised in financial planning, mortgage broking, real estate sales, and investments, it was the property development arm which John chose to focus his attention on. Through his collaboration with business partners and Lion co-founders Garry Pesochinsky and Michael Peroumal, John was able to help optimise the business model and improve investment performance.

As a result of this expertise and John’s guiding hand, Lion has seen 50% growth year-on-year of it’s investor base and almost doubled the volume of funds under management to $200 million since its inception in 2018. John’s unique role as Head of People & Culture allows him to utilise his extensive knowledge and experience as a human behavioural specialist to further the skills, awareness, and expertise of our team.
Lee Xie - Lion Private Equity

Lee Xie

Capital Advisory Director

Lee started his banking career at ANZ as a Management Trainee in 2008, after graduating from the University of Melbourne with a Finance and Economics Degree (with honours). Lee spent his early career in the risk management functions of the bank, analysing commercial and institutional lending and developing relevant risk models. Lee has since developed a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the importance of risk management in credit.

Armed with the knowledge and experience in credit, Lee went on to join two other international banks in front office roles, dealing with customer-facing bankers, structuring complex project finance, and commodity finance transactions to large corporate borrowers.

Having worked in Melbourne, Sydney, and Singapore, Lee has developed an extensive network in the banking space. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and holds a Diploma in Financial Planning. Lee is also a fully licenced Real Estate Agent (LREA). Apart from having a background in credit, Lee has strong interests in equities and venture capital. He has co-founded and invested in several high-tech start-up companies.

Lee is responsible for joint management of key credit portfolios, credit product strategies, and managing the day-to-day running of the LPE Fund. Lee has worked across a wide range of credit sectors and industries including bank lending, corporate credit, and structured finance.

The Extended Lion Network

Lion Private Equity is part of a larger family of companies under the umbrella of Lion. The LPE Trust Fund is designed to integrate with these other companies to ensure that the Fund is reliably stocked with lending opportunities and that Fund capital is being utilised to generate investor returns.

Lion Private Equity

Lion Private Equity is the Promoter of the LPE Trust Fund and is responsible for raising capital to be invested into the Fund, as well as marketing the Fund, identifying suitable B2C and B2B opportunities, and maintaining investor relations.

Lion Property Group

Lion Property Group is a sister company of Lion Private Equity that undertakes property development projects. Lion Property Group will be one of the borrowers of the LPE Trust Fund, as a percentage of LPG’s property development projects will be funded by the LPE Trust Fund in compliance with the Fund’s lending criteria.

Mane Property Group

Mane Property Group is a sister company of Lion Private Equity that oversees the sales and/or renting of the properties that are developed by Lion Property Group. Mane Property Group will also be a borrower of the LPE Trust Fund, utilising Fund capital to acquire and further improve rent rolls.