Volatility hurts

Get the cash flow you need

Get the you need.

The Lion Private Equity Fund is a credit fund; a fixed income investment structure which provides you regular fixed distributions, stable income, and predictable performance. 

Invest with us, and discover the benefits of reliable returns paid quarterly and bi-annually.

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Certainty in
uncertain times

Providing performance regardless of market volatility

Investing is fraught with uncertainty. It always has been, and it always will be. But in the last few years, things have started to unravel. More than what is normal. Political schisms. Trade wars. Civil unrest. Pandemic. Market volatility is the highest it’s ever been. Certainty, predictability, and stability have become fundamental once more. And so fixed-income opportunities, so often overlooked by investors chasing ever-higher returns, are returning to the forefront to provide investors with their ample benefits.

The Lion Private Equity Fund is our solution to the current economic environment—one that combines the benefits of a fixed-income structure with the excellent performance of Australia’s economic backbone: property. By offering debt financing to businesses engaged in property-related activities, the LPE Fund has consistent cash flow, exposure to a prosperous market, and the backing of tangible real estate assets to secure our lending.

Our decision to target real estate businesses is based on the extensive experience our sister companies have operating in the real estate space. Experience is the best teacher, and we have it in spades.

A credit fund which
offers reliable performance

Regular Distributions

As a fixed income investment model, we provide distributions to investors on a quarterly or biannual basis.

Attractive Returns

The LPE Fund targets returns of 8%, 9%, or 14% per annum, depending on asset class.


Investor capital is diversified across multiple investment opportunities determined by your chosen asset class.

Independent Auditing

The Fund is independently audited on an annual basis to ensure compliance and accuracy.

What we invest in

The LPE Fund is a credit fund which loans to Australian real estate businesses offering small-to-medium scale debt financing. The money the Fund lends is predominantly utilised for property development and property management activities.

Property Development

Property development, also known as real estate development, is a business strategy that encompasses a variety of practices designed to increase the value of a property so that it can be resold for a profit.

Any funds provided to a property developer by the LPE Fund will be repaid with interest utilising the profits generated by selling the newly developed properties.

Property Management

Rent rolls are portfolios of rental properties being managed by a realtor. They can be purchased in the same way that companies can be purchased. Rent rolls are income-producing assets; the incomes generated by a rent roll, primarily property management fees, are used to pay the interest on the loan provided by the LPE Fund at regular intervals.

Our Lending philosophy

All potential borrowers are diligently assessed against the Fund’s robust credit policy to ensure they comply with the Fund’s lending requirements. When evaluating a lending opportunity, we consider:

Forecasted Returns

The returns from a potential investment and the components that constitute those returns, such as interest and fees, are forecasted to determine if they meet the Fund’s hurdle rate.

Timing of Returns

The Investment Manager will calculate the timing of interest payments and loan repayments of a loan to ensure the Fund’s cash flow and liquidity requirements are fulfilled throughout the lifetime of the loan.

Long-Term Portfolio

All potential loans are considered in the context of the Fund’s overall portfolio, to ensure that the Fund’s exposure to any given loan type or business activity is within the targeted parameters.

Risk Assessment

The risks involved with a potential investment are diligently assessed. If a risk can be managed or mitigated, the Investment Manager will do via contractual arrangements with the borrower.

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your investment options

Class A
Lion Income



Distributions made quarterly

Class B
Lion Accelerate



Distributions made quarterly

Class C
Lion Growth



Distributions made biannually.

Case Studies


We only lend to projects with a high likelihood of success. Here are some examples of the high-quality projects that we have had experience with.



We understand the importance of having an investment you can rely on. One that provides you with cash flow; one that is predictable and reliable; one that can stand the pressures of a volatile economy.

That is what we have created with the Lion Private Equity Fund.

By partnering with Newport Private Wealth, we’ve combined our extensive knowledge of real estate and the possibilities it holds, with their mastery of portfolio construction and asset management. The amalgamation of this expertise is three distinct Classes, each structured to service distinct financial objectives with varying thresholds of risk, allowing each investor to choose the product that is best for them.

To learn how the LPE Fund can fit into your investment portfolio, schedule a 45-minute overview meeting below.